Obihiro Centennial City Museum


[Fishing spear]

marek (Smaller Model)
icaniw [Cherry Salmon]
kamuycep[Salmon] Salmon Hometown Chitose Aquarium
Catching salmon with a marek

A spear used for river fishing. The hooked part detaches and dangles with the fish on it after it skewers a fish. It is best suited for catching large fish such as salmon quickly, without damaging the spear tip.

Ainu Language in Use

The Ainu Language

マレㇰ アニ チェㇷ゚ クチウ アクㇲ イイソネカ エオㇰ テㇰ クヤンケ エアㇱカイ。

marek ani cep ku-ciw akus iisoneka eok tek ku-yanke easkay.


I was lucky enough to pull the fish onto the shore after I skewered it with the fishing spear.