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[Ezo red fox]

Ezo red fox (Summer fur)
Ezo red fox (Winter fur)

Cironnop means “that which we kill many of.” There were many uses for the Ezo red fox. The meat was eaten, the skin was traded or made into clothing, and the skulls were used as good luck charms. Many foxes were caught from fall to winter.
The fox skulls were adorned with decorations and were offered at the altar in the spring. Young foxes were caught in the spring, nurtured until the fall and offered up at iomante (the sending ritual). When a kamuy (god) name is used, the Ezo red fox is known as kemakosnekamuy (“the god with swift feet”).

Ainu Language in Use

The Ainu Language

チロンノㇷ゚ ルㇱ エイヨㇰ。

cironnop rus eiyok.


We sell fox furs.