Obihiro Centennial City Museum


Ikupasuy and Inaw

nusa [Altar]

Ikupasuy are ceremonial tools used to offer human prayers to the kamuy (gods). The tip of the ikupasuy is dipped in a bowl of sake before saying prayers. It is made of panicle hydrangea and Japanese yew, with a carved surface. Inaw are offerings to pass on the prayer made by humans to the kamuy, and are made by carving willow and dogwood.

Ainu Language in Use

The Ainu Language

タアン カムイ オレン エㇱタㇷ゚ パスイ クトゥリ ル アン ネ。

taan kamuy or en estap pasuy ku-turi ru an ne.


I am extending these sticks to offer sake to the gods.