Obihiro Centennial City Museum



sintoko [Lacquered box and cover]
ecius [Liquor pitcher](left) putaunpatci [Bowl with lid](right)

For the Ainu, lacquerware are precious treasures. They are used when presenting sake and offerings to the kamuy (gods) during rituals. Lacquerware items were mainly obtained from the mainland Japanese as payment for labor or through trading.

Ainu Language in Use

The Ainu Language

テエタ(中略)チヨキ コㇿ ワ シサㇺ コタン ネ ウイマㇺ クス パイェ。(中略)シントコ エネ ネヤッカイ パッチ エネ ネヤッカイ あの エトゥニㇷ゚ エネ ネヤッカイ オピッタ 漆塗ったもの アナㇰ シサㇺ カㇻ ペ。

teeta(中略)ciyoki kor wa sisam kotan ne uymam kusu paye.(中略)sintoko ene neyakkay patci ene neyakkay あの etunip ene neyakkay opitta 漆塗ったもの anak sisam kar pe.


Long ago, (partially omitted) my people went to the villages of the mainland Japanese to trade with them. (Partially omitted) Lacquered items like ceremonial vessels, pot-shaped containers, and containers with spouts (for hot water or soup) were all made by the mainland Japanese.