Obihiro Centennial City Museum


Apepasuy and Apekiraw
[Fire tong chopsticks and wooden hearth comb]

apepasuy (left) and apekiraw (right)

Chopsticks used as fire tongs, and a wooden hearth comb. These tools were used to maintain the wood and ash in the hearth. The apeucihuci (fire god) in the hearth watches over people and acts as an intermediary between other kamuy (gods) and humans. Therefore, the Ainu kept the fire going all year round and maintained the cleanliness of the hearth.

Ainu Language in Use

The Ainu Language

ウナ アナㇰ アペフチ シニ ヒ ネ。

una anak apehuci sini hi ne.


The ash is where the fire god lives.